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The Cybersecurity Expertise of Prieur Leary is Impressive

May 23, 2019
Prieur Leary

Although a lot of Prieur Leary’s experience and knowledge lies in the area of international business relations, and he is fluent in Spanish and understands Portuguese, his primary specialty is in the area of information technology, or IT. Most people think of IT as relating to the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit and/or manipulate information in the form of electronic data, whether it is used in a business context, an educational or charitable context or any other. Prieur Leary believes it is all important and must be secure.

The term “information technology, “ or IT, was coined at the midway point of the last century, as a way to refer to computers, which can serve a wide variety of functions and perform many tasks, as opposed to older technology, which usually had one or two limited functions. Under most condition, the term refers to enterprise and business operations, rather than personal use. In commercial use, the term used to refer only to computers and computer systems and networks, but has expanded to communication and telephony these days.